Sales is the Heartbeat of Success in Business

Helping startups sell more effectively to become a success is my focus. I am thrilled when entrepreneurs move people to say yes. With a yes, the startup’s future becomes brighter and lives improve. After all, the goal of a startup is to make people’s lives better and bring change to the world. When I help a startup I am helping to improve the world. That’s a great feeling.

At the end of the day, if people don’t buy it is really hard to improve their lives.

One of the greatest compliments in business is when someone says yes. It is also one of the most difficult things to accomplish. Why? Yes is given when the person decides to be vulnerable and take a risk. They did this because of trust. Trust and relationships are the basis of sales.

Selling is a vital skill for entrepreneurs. Many jobs and careers do not place high importance on effective trust building. Salespeople, CEO’s and founders have jobs where trust is a huge factor for success.

This can intimidate and unnerve anyone. Demonstrating a product or explaining an idea in a polished presentation does not make a sale. Selling is not telling.

People trust who you are, not what you make.

Nobody can sell better than the founder. Nobody tells the story as to why they are so driven to improve the life of the buyer, at great personal risk and sacrifice, better. The founder makes the connection, brings new insights and persuades the buyer the risks are worth taking.

I help entrepreneurs bring the power of storytelling to sales. Storytelling is known to be the best technique for building a relationship and establishing trust.  It is the most effective way to sell.

Much is at stake because opportunities may not come around twice and time is precious. Become more effective with better results. Sell more and sell faster.

Learn how to express the comprehensive story well. Give it your best shot.

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