Leader’s Duty

Customers expect founders and leaders perform the selling in the early days.

When something is very new, clients hold out to work with the person in charge. Their unanswered questions and unknown considerations all point to the leader. Savvy founders build skills in persuasion and selling, improving their ability to induce change. Until a portfolio of clients is in place, the leader’s duty includes sales.

Your time is valuable you need to be effective.

The majority of startups fail by missing market needs. Meaning they could not induce enough people to buy. Delegating or dabbling in persuasion lowers the odds of success. Balance your tradeoffs between product, adding people and adding customers. Revenue fixes most problems.

Enhance skills to persuade and sell

My company helps entrepreneurs and leaders move people to yes. We expand their skills to become capable and efficient. They get the knowledge needed to equip others.

Stories are a hard-hitting way to deliver what customers expect to hear. A story is the best way to connect and explain change because it opens a conversation. Upon hearing a narrative, listeners become engaged, recalling and sharing similar feelings.

My purpose is helping others who doubt they can sell. I unlock and active their natural persuasion. My reward is experiencing fantastic emotions when people grow and achieve.






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