Imagine you are ten minutes into a friendly give-and-take with a possible client. With desire, they lean forward and say ‘Stop – I’ve heard enough. How can I get started with your idea?’ Congratulations. Your trade of trust and value, supported by promises, is complete!

Speaking to personalized rewards, motivation, and emotions is the best method to persuade. This level of influence can be yours by crafting a few stories. Stories that cover what your customer needs to hear.

Your Story: Give them confidence in you.

It is inevitable the buyer needs to hear your rewards and motivation tied to your startup or change. Share a life experience relevant to the problem you solve. The strength of your drive is essential; with all the risk, uncertainty, and failure. Make it clear you are all in until they achieve the goal.

Customer Story: Show you understand them.

As entrepreneurs or leaders, you help a group of people with a common problem. Groups have a oneness around this issue. Members always share, listen and influence each other. Insiders have extraordinary levels of persuasion. Say your grasp of the situation, like and insider. Fit into their group.

Rewards Story: Spell out their future emotions with your help.

Focus on the positive feelings experienced when reaching the profound goal. Contrast this with the painful emotions left behind. Made possible with your better idea. Apply word-pictures to create a visual experience where emotions feel real. Open this story with imagine. This watchword paves the way to see the future.  or call: 650.233.5412