Power Stories

Stories access emotion and create a personal connection. Stories are tools of persuasion and action. When people find themselves in a story, emotions are triggered and they are motivated to act. Selling is about tapping into emotions and showing how a specific change will make things better. Entrepreneurs need a few impressive stories to share with buyers so they are connected, persuaded and motivated.

Your Story

Entrepreneurs can tell their own story to inspire, motivate and move people to personally connect. Forge a bond and connection from a shared experience within a story. Express why you are the best person for this startup. Reveal how your life experiences prepared you for this moment. Show your grit to persevere and your quest to learn; fueling your passion to make your idea into the help the buyer desires.

The story of why you, the entrepreneur, are so special with your drive and passion.

Customer Story

The sale happens because of a focus on the buyer as a person. Expressing your understanding of their personal difficulties or emotional needs in the current situation, combined with the risks of not changing, establishes compassion. When you stand in their shoes they feel compassion.

Tell the story of how the customer becomes a hero with the magic of your solution.

Vision Story

Trust comes from sharing novel thinking and new insights. Connecting dots in new ways, for the benefit of the buyer, fixing their problem or bringing them personal gain. Sharing the new possibilities you see can persuade a buyer to try something new. The risk of change becomes less fearful than not changing.

Share a vision story to build trust and become an adviser to the buyer.

Working together we utilize tools and tap our collective experience and ideas to craft your stories. Move to a higher level of selling by moving to stories.

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