Meet David Walling

There Was A Time Some Doubted I Could Sell

David Walling, Market Enabled Sales

My livelihood is selling. ‘What’s in it for me?’ is the ubiquitous customer question to answer for persuasion. Most of my experience is in IT sales. Here success comes from uncovering the personal goals and rewards of a buyer. A challenging career in startups and IBM. Before IT selling, I cut my teeth selling in plant nurseries. Plant buyers display the sway of their emotions when buying. The startups were devoid of any brand reputation, and IBM’s was one of quality and strength. In time, this became obvious: clients bought into me before purchasing the product. Customer trust unlocked persuasion.

The bigger picture, challenges, intangibles draw me in. I show up listening to understand before acting. Creativity and problem solving bring meaning to me. Sensing the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’ sets an orientation for action and results.

I lived outside the box at IBM. Big clients wanted to buy research technology. I recruited and led a team of fifty to design and launch the company process. Positioning disk drives as premium products grew revenue and profits. As the sales executive, our team recast a business into the undisputed market leader.

Market-Enabled Sales launched in 2013. I work with entrepreneurs and leaders to improve their persuasion and selling. Each is courageous. Success depends on driving change for others. Inducing this is not mapped. Working together, we plot a course tailored to your needs. I navigate uncharted waters.             Phone: 1.650.233.5412