Meet David Walling

Storytelling in Sales to be a Trusted Adviser

David Walling, Market Enabled Sales

I am drawn to the bigger picture, challenges and intangibles. I show up with creativity, innovation and ready to improvise.

I have used a variety of stories in my business career. Stories to connect with customers, consultants, the media, Wall Street and team IBM.

In my career I realized image, trust and thought leadership are the difference in making the sale. Building trust by sharing a novel perspective and providing new insights. Understanding the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’ to align with the person and their motivations. Covering their fear of change and emotions for what’s in it for me?

I lived outside the box at IBM. ● Recruiting and leading 50 people to design a process to sell research technology. ● Awakening dormant customers and remaking a business into the undisputed market leader. ● Persuading customers to purchase disk drives as assets and dramatically growing company profits.

As a sales and marketing executive, good fortune allowed me to globally launch and sell new and improved products and solutions, in emerging and established markets. Addressing fears, both stated and unsaid, was critical. Delivering value for the person plus the company was more important to buyers than the uniqueness of the product. This was consistent for the 1st dollar of revenue or the 1 billionth dollar of revenue.

Selling is more like jazz than classical music. It involves a lot of ambiguity and draws on creativity, spontaneity and improvisation. Unique connection to each listener is the goal.             Phone: 1.650.233.5412