New Thinking

whitepapersOften seeing the bigger picture helps to put things into context. I spent time organizing my ideas, observations and lessons learned into short business stories. My goal is to capture and illustrate how powerful marketing and sales can become for a startup. I become energized when people say these business functions are not affordable for a startup because they can be assets with as much company value as the customer solution.

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A Good One Call Close

Are fewer customer contacts to close a sale a benefit? Yes. Revenue grows faster; margins improve, and on board employees contribute more. Can marketing and sales actions be planned and managed to get this type of
improvement? Read a perspective on the ways a new company can effectively manage marketing and sales.

Marketing and Sales as Assets

Why does a consumer spend $9-$14 a gallon for bottled water when it is almost free from a faucet? Given this level of value is not from the water, the value is established by  marketing and sales. New companies can develop and implement thoughtfully integrated marketing and sales plans which bring value to a business. Review some key topics and activities associated with this success.

Trust and a Sale Go Together

When trust is lost can a company succeed? A new company begins without the trust of customers and will struggle to create customers if trust is not established. Learn how new companies can use proven techniques to establish trust and be seen as a valuable resource by the customer.