Secrets to Selling

A sale is a trade of trust and value, supported by promises, between a seller and buyer. 

The perspective of your buyer is as follows:

Your sales spiel is pressure. Pressure to believe a new idea and then change. Without hard evidence of how it will work out! Persuasion means getting confidence in what you say and then changing to reach a new future. The human dynamic to reject being told what to do, avoid manipulation and not look foolish exits too.

Feature the reward when reaching a goal to activate motivation.

Goals dwell in the future. They are about possibility or promises. The future you promise may be soon (minutes, days, months) or distant (years). Reaching a destination brings rewards. Each benefit should align with what it takes to achieve the aim. The significance of a gain provides motivation. This impulse is the drive and energy to act and change behavior. The meaning is specific to each person you look to persuade.

When emotions feel real, we want the new experience tied to your change.

Word-pictures create an experience that feels real without it happening. Vivid language is our cue to visualize a goal with its reward and the emotion experienced. Confidence all will work out OK is sought by the customer. Get this, and you can induce change.

Using education to persuade and sell transfers the job of motivation over to the buyer. 

In the startup world and tech industry, many rely on education to persuade and sell. Provide the information, and let them decide. The results are weak compared to sellers with ownership of the decision. Education falls short by ignoring the role of rewards, motivation, and emotions.


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