Imagine this Meeting

You focus on being personal. Walk with purpose into the room. While making eye contact, give a warm smile, a firm handshake and say their name before sitting down. Be humble. How you behave invites reciprocal behavior.

Feeling heard opens the doors to trust, motivation, and persuasion.


The conversation is sharing and two-way.

No judgment and no pressure. Share your purpose and drive for your startup. Show the strength of your concern. Pause and solicit their feelings.


Until they feel heard, you can’t persuade them. 

Describe who you help and how the problem at hand lands on them. Vividly show the consequences along with the fears. When they speak, listen to understand. Repeat back what you heard. Let them confirm you have it right.


A meeting is the time to help. It is not a contest. 

Cover the possible rewards by changing. Compare the emotions experienced with new results to those experienced now. Show how you help them get there.


Leader's Duty ➜