Secrets to Selling

Open the three gates to a decision. 

Influential entrepreneurs get trust, show empathy, and visualize rewards to stimulate emotions. Their secret is to tell a story. A tale is a universal language to explain change and new ideas. We develop, refine and rehearse, so each message is conversational and persuasive. Practice brings confidence and in the moment flexibility. Your influence soars. 


Trust is confidence in your intentions.

This story shares your purpose behind your startup.  The source of your energy and drive. The rewards you achieve when the customer reaches their goal. 


Empathy shows you stand in their shoes.

Talk about their problem as if it is your own. What prevents making a change and the consequences suffered each time the issue arises.


Rewards feel real.

Vividly share a better future, leaving current issues behind. Play out the emotions experienced when the problem is solved. Cover how you enable this. 


Imagine ➜